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A knitted washcloth
(except longer and shorter, Groucho is a basset, after all)

A giant compendium of dog knitting patterns. This is a great listing, I would definitely look to Knitting Pattern Central for other projects. I passed on their listing of baby blankets to another friend.

A whole lot of puppy crafts, not just knits

Better Homes and Gardens gives us a knitted collar pattern. Not exactly the most manly looking dogs in the photo... I somehow doubt that Groucho'll go for that hairy collar (i.e. Bear won't let me put a hairy collar on Grouch...)

So it's already been established that Groucho is a superhero, which is why he totally needs this Super hero dog cape!

And last (for now) but definitely not least, this wicked dog toy pattern that I can't wait to work on. It even squeaks!

Ok, so that wasn't the last one... I've been looking for DIY dog toys all over the internet, and there is a surprising dearth, considering how much of the market share of the internet is taken up with pet people (need I say more than, but this version of the duck toy has the cutest little bulldog in the picture!
Dear Non-Existent Public,

I have had this blog for nearly a year and have never written in it. I have been a crafter forever, and a blogger elsewhere for a long time, but it took a singular seminal event for my crafting to kick into high gear, as well as a drive my normally low instinct for cleaning into something approach medium gear.

We got a puppy.

My fiancé and I have welcomed a 3 year old boy named Groucho into our family. I have a feeling that he's going to be one spoiled pooch by the time I'm done knitting for him. He's already got a treat bag, so here's the list of inspirational patterns that I'm going to shower on the pup.
(except longer and shorter, Groucho is a basset, after all)