So I've joined onto two winter craft challenges:

the spins & needles Winterlude Urban Cozy project AND the Plush You! Winter Olympics Challenge

I'm very excited about both - it is, believe it or not, the first time I have participated in an online crafty community building/interaction/group project or whatever. How very unlike me. My decision at the beginning of this year to "do more" with my time and my energy is definitely a motivating factor here - instead of thinking that participating in things like this would be fun and something I should do, you know, at some point, I just signed up for the Olympics challenge, and have knitting buddy Kim to craft-along on the Urban Cozy project.

I have yet to be assigned my category for plushie making (which will either be Figure Skating, Skiing, Opening Ceremonies, Bobsleigh, or a MADE UP SPORT) - but I'm thinking about ways that I can incorporate some of my own views about the Vancouver Olympics into this crafting. (I'm very embarrassed and dismayed by the way that Canada, a supposedly "nice" place is handling the hosting of these games, by doing things like screwing over the native peoples and making the following illegal: homelessness, taking pictures, and 'public negative messages' (ie - protest signs saying negative things about the Olympics) - for more, please ignore the general crimes against the internet of 2010 Watchdog site.)

Knitting friend Kim is the one who pointed me to the Urban Cozy project, and while I was planning to make a standard sized cozy (30" x 8" - small scarf size) in a vaguely fishnet pattern out of truly atrocious mauve baby yarn (cognitive dissonance, much?), I may go her route and pull out the size 20 knitting needles* and knit up a few strands of stash yarn together.

Which reminds me, as well as knitting a cozy, I was thinking of writing to the folks at spins & needles and finding out what their schedule of events will be at Winterlude, since I am planning on coming to Ottawa for the last weekend (Feb 19 - 21) - and maybe I will be able to help at one of their workshops. Ok - going to do that now!

*no, it's not your imagination, they do look like they could be dildos...